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There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy

• Be a Part of the 67% Industry Growth
• Solar Energy can Change the Future!

Solar Energy is free from sunlight and unlimited sources of energy. It is also the cleanest energy that does not compromise or add to global warming.

  • You can have financial benefit from Ontario Power Authority OPA @ $0.82 per KW. Up to 10 KW. for next 20 years.

  • OPA will pay @ $0.713/kW for 11 kW to 250 kW roof mounted solar system for 20 years.

  • Will save you $1,750 on utilities in the first year and over $77,500 during the 25 year warranted lifetime of the system (assuming we continue to see a 5% annual escalation in utility rates).

  • 10 kW solar system takes up about 875 ft2 of roof space, depending on panel capacity.

  • 10 kW solar power can reduce CO2 emission by 28,950 lbs per year.


Solar energy can benefit any business operation. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, Ontario is one of the best places in the world for solar energy. However, there are certain conditions that help make the payback for commercial solar even more attractive:

  • A tax liability allows your business to take advantage of asset depreciation and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which can dramatically boost your solar system’s return on investment.

  • A south facing or flat roof with little to no shading optimizes solar yield and reduces costs.

  • Building Ownership removes many system ownership issues associated with leasing property as a tenant.

  • Strong credit allows for creative financing options to expand your solar budget and free up much needed capital.

  • Sustainability Initiatives. Add power to your existing sustainability efforts, or start building a green identity. A solar electric system can make a strong statement about your company and values.





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