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Commercial Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions:

How Off Grid Solar System works:
Off Grid System : This involves getting power from solar power with an optional generator as backup. See the diagram below. Instead of a connection to the grid, there can be backup power from a generator for when there are too many cloudy days in a row. Optionally the generator can be started and stopped automatically based on the battery voltage. In the diagram below it is a feature of the inverter.

If your inverter doesn't have this feature, separate automatic generator starter units are available. Automatically doing this is better than having to run out and start the generator manually when the batteries get too low for two reasons: convenience and you don't want your batteries to go below 50% (without an automatic starter, you'd have to constantly be checking the battery voltage.) As an aside, the diagram below also shows a separate display and control unit, often available depending on the manufacturer of the charge controller and inverter.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions for Industry

The following photos show a typical system. Most of the wires have been run behind the wall and enter the components from their backs to prevent someone from accidentally hurting themselves. You'll also notice lightning arresters in the photo on the left. These protect the various components from lightning strikes. If lightning hits a solar panel then the very powerful electricity from the lightning could travel along the wires going between the solar panels and the charge controller and damage the charge controller. For this reason a DC lightning arrester is connected to that wiring and is shown at the bottom of the photo. Similarly there are AC lightning arresters used in case lightning strikes the generator or the wires coming from the generator and in case lightning strikes the household wiring.



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