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What is Solar Power Inter tie Meter and its functionality?

Solar Power Inter tie Meter
This is the type of electrical power meter that is required to allow the electricity to flow in two directions. The most common direction is (IN) to your homes appliances and other power demanding equipment from the Utilities power grid. The Inter tie meter allows your excess power generated from solar, wind, or other generator (OUT) through the meter and over the Utilities power grid to other customers who require more power. You are able to “SELL” your power to the local utility for retail prices.

Solar Power Inter tie System
An inter tie solar power system connects to the electrical service in your home or business; it feeds power directly into your house wiring. A grid interconnected solar power system consists of a solar photovoltaic panel or an array of panels. Depending on the size of the system. It either reduces your reliance on the electric company or fully supports your homes energy’s usage. If excess solar energy is produced using the inter tie system it is usually sold to the utility company and will turn your electric meter backwards.



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