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Will solar work for my home?

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, almost any home in Ontario has the potential for a highly productive photovoltaic system. However, there are certain aspects that make solar a more appealing option for homeowners. When considering solar, homeowners should note that the following circumstances help make solar an appealing option:


  • A roof with southern exposure: east and west facing homes work as well, but a south facing roof will provide your panels with the longest solar exposure time.

  • A shade free roof dramatically improves the production of a solar energy system, so be aware of trees or buildings which may shade your home.

  • You can have financial benefit from Ontario Power Authority OPA @ $0.82 per kW. Up to 10 kW with 20 years purchase contract for solar energy

  • You can get about $11700 to $12000 per year for 20 years, OPA can buy for 20 years contract.

  • Will save you $1,750 on utilities in the first year and over $77,500 during the 25 year warranted lifetime of the system (assuming we continue to see a 5% annual escalation in utility rates).

  • 10 kW Solar energy reduces CO2 emission by 28,950 lbs per year.

  • 10 kW solar system takes up about 875 ft2 to 1000 ft2 of roof space

  • Different sizes solar system for home available: 3 kW to 10 kW

  • Financing: Available for 20 years


Your home is located within the territory of a utility company that offers rebates for solar installations. Visit our incentives and rebates page to learn more about the solar rebates in your area.

Power generated from your solar system is connected to the electric grid and credited in real time. Any excess power created by the solar system that you are not using, at that moment, is fed back into the power grid. As this excess power is “back-fed”, your meter operates in reverse. Literally your meter spins backward! The power grid is managed by your local utility company and includes everyone connected to it. Any power you don’t use is credited back to you and reduces your bill. Currently residential users are not paid should you create more than you ultimately use annually.



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